Investigative Division

The Investigative Division of the Parkersburg Police Department, also known as the Detective Bureau, conducts follow up investigations for many of the initial reports completed by officers of the Uniform Division.  Throughout these investigations Detectives employ a variety of skills they have learned during their time as Patrol Officers.  Detectives also have the opportunity to attend specialized training in a variety of topics such as investigation of Internet Crimes Against Children, extraction and use of data from cell phones and other electronic devices, homicide investigation, arson investigations, and much more. 

The Department's Evidence Technician is part of the Detective Bureau as well as the members of the Department assigned to the Parkersburg Narcotics and Violent Crimes Task Force (PNTF).  The Evidence Technician responds to crime scenes to collect evidence such as fingerprints, take crime scene photos, and collect all manner of other physical evidence which may be crucial to solving a crime.  The Evidence Technician also serves as the Evidence Custodian and is responsible for storing and maintaining evidence items collected by all of the Patrol Officers, Detectives, and members of the PNTF.  The PNTF is a unit consisting of members from law enforcement agencies throughout Wood County and the West Virginia State Police and focuses on the investigation of narcotic related crimes in Parkersburg and Wood County.
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